Sewer unclogging

Sewer cleaning and maintenance is effortless with equipment designed for professional use. The appliances in our selection are suitable for both professionals working with sewer maintenance and the everyday maintenance of facilities in industrial and manufacture sectors. Our selection of high-pressure units, uncloggers and nozzles help to deal with the most persistent sewage residue and help keeping the sewers in working order for longer.

Pressure water equipment for professional use
We at Finfinet are specialists of all high-pressure water equipment and pressureunits. If you have a problem with no optimal solution, please contact our sales team and we’ll assist in aqcuiring the best possible equipment for your needs. Our wide range of expertise in different industries and our knowledge of their special environments and requirements give us competency not only for the equipment but also the installation, maintenance and spare parts.

Sewer unclogging with a pressure washer

The operation of all properties include an operational sewage system. Especially on the industrial and manufacture sector facilities sewers are on heavy duty use and the everyday consumer tricks are not enough to unclog them.

Equipment designed for professional use include a configuration of a high-pressure unit or sewer unclogger connected to a sewer hose or a crawler hose with nozzles specifically designed for the target. Pressurized water causes the nozzles to rotate and they pull the hose forward and remove sewage residue and unclog the sewer.

The sewer hose may be attached also to a pressure washer, if the target of cleaning is a drainage pipe or other object where lighter pressure is sufficient.