Hot water washer

Hot water washer is especially good for industry, agriculture, washing of vehicles and other heavy equipment, where the washing result must be nothing but the best. Hot water coming at high pressure makes washing efficient and helps to remove even heavy dirt faster. Oily or greasy dirt in particular leaves much better with hot water in addition to which the washing result of a hot water washer is also more hygienic than that of a cold water washer. This makes the hot water washer great for industry and agriculture, where cleanliness is especially important.

High pressure washers for professional use
Our special expertise is in high-pressure water units in industry and our product range has been shaped to meet the needs of particularly demanding sites. We know the equipment we sell thoroughly and trust them completely, otherwise we wouldn’t be in the business! If the hot water washer breaks down or starts to run out of hours, you will also receive spare parts for the washer and for the necessary maintenance work.

If you are not yet completely sure which pressure washer would be best for you, you can contact our sales and we will help.