Battery-powered Trailer-mounted Hot-water Pressure Washer HDTE (250 bar, 15 l/min)

Electric trailer pressure washer with fossil-free fuel based heating

The washer may be customized with accessories with client specifications.

  • Flow rate 15 l/min
  • Pressure output 250 bar
  • Power 15 kW
  • PMS-IPM-electric motor
    • Power source: LiFePO4 -battery
    • Operating time 6-16 hours depending on load condition.
  • 110 kW heater designed for fossil-free fuels (works also with diesel)
  • Continuosly variable temperature control
  • Water tank 850 l
  • Fuel tank 110 l
  • High-pressure hose 45 m
  • Inlet hose 25 m
  • Twin axis trailer with brakes (max weight 2000k g)


Steam Plus -system which enables a gentle, yet efficient steam cleaning

  • In the SteamPlus -system the heater spiral is replaced with a spiral made of Incoloy-special metal which radiates heat more efficiently.
  • May be used in example in use graffiti removal.

WeedPlus -system for weed eradication.

  • Enables environmentally friendly weed eradication with hot water instead of chemical herbicides.