Surface cleaners

Surface cleaners are designed for professional use in locations where large or even smaller areas need to be washed efficiently and ergonomically. The Mosmatic surface cleaners we sell offer options for efficient floor cleaning, ceiling washing, washing of bases or other similar surfaces and surfaces that require pressure washing.

Ergonomic surface cleaners and accessories for pressure washers, make the maintenance of, for example heavy equipment and the cleaning of production facilities a smooth part of everyday life. The Mosmatic underbody washer, which is attached to a cold water washer or hot water washer, washes work machines, ships, agricultural machinery, trucks and other professional equipment from sand, road salt, street dust and other rust-accelerating contaminants. Floor cleaners and surface cleaners increase the cleaning width, thus significantly reducing the time required for washing. For example, a smaller, hand-friendly surface cleaner makes washing walls or other surfaces effortless without sacrificing washing power.